Lojo's Proze & Mr Boo's Newz

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


After my premature anouncement of spring
several weeks ago I think it may be safe to say...
well, lest I jynx us again...let's just leave it at,
Happy May Day!

I've been having a wonderful time this spring
playing gigs, hanging with friends and just
general may-hem. I got to play drums with
Linda at the Ritual Cafe, I ran a 5k race (in
23 minutes 37 seconds) on St. Pat's Day
morning then proceeded to NOT get drunk
the rest of the day (oh, believe me, I tried).
I was part of the Venus Envy event
here in the Quad Cities and have been booking
my brains out to the point I'm almost out of
weekends this year. I'm even spending a
weekend in June touring with my friend
Carolyn Cruso - woo-hoo!!

But, the most incredible thing that's happened
to me is, I'm writing songs for a new album!!
Currently it's one very long CD or 2 short ones.
And the music just keeps flowing out of me :)
I'm very excited about starting this project
because I'd love to have a new album when
I come to the Twin Cities this August!

Enjoy the day! Enjoy the weather!
Enjoy each and every moment!
Man, I love this life...