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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gallowglass Irish "Trio"

Me and Boo took a little trip north.
Hello North.

I saw friends and Klingons and friends and Steam Punks and friends and  loin cloths and friends and Katnis-ses? – si? huh... anyway, there were multiple Katniss. This is CONvergence Science Fiction and Fantasy convention and it was good.

What else did I do?  I cruised the Art Room with my friend Robert.  I danced to 80’s pop with my ex, Stephanie.  I had a nice long catching up with my friends Will and Emma.  I counted all of John’s belly buttons.  I pretended to rehearse with my old band-mate Ken.  And, I drank endless toasts to my friend Michael.

I was here for one reason – to play music.  Gallowglass Irish Trio decided we’d do a show at CONvergence.  The 3 of us would come together for a weekend of merriment and mayhem and maybe even play a good show.  Gallowglass has had multiple reunion shows over the years due to the fact that we’d never actually broke up just didn’t live in the same town anymore.  CONvergence seemed like a good excuse to do another show.

The Universe doesn’t always allow things to go as planned.

On Friday was the final show of The Long Straight Forever – Michael’s last band.  That was the toughest show to watch.  Sunday was the final show of Gallowglass - Michael’s first band. That was the toughest show to play. But play we did.  With our friend Ray Yates standing in for Michael (as well as a number of other friends who wished to be a ‘stunt Michael’ and some fine singing by our newly dubbed ‘Gallow Lasses’) Ken and I were determined to create as much light and laughter as we had as Gallowglass Irish Trio all those many years ago.

As far as I can tell we succeeded in making everyone laugh while crying/crying while laughing. The music was fine and loud and filled with the memories of summer days spent among oaks and castles.

What I mostly did this weekend is remind myself what wonderful friends I’ve made over the course of my lifetime. Each and Every One of You make my life Richer for the knowing and more Brilliant for having Lived it with you.

Monday, July 02, 2012

It's going to be ok.

June... wow.
Busy? yes.
Happy? Mostly.
Sad? well, that's where I got the mostly.

June continues to befuddle, befoul, bewilder and just plain old pyss me off.

A number of people with whom I have shared a number of years getting to know; whether it be short or long, deep or fleeting – all have made an impression on my life. This blog was going to go into a long monologue about the latest loss of a friend. 

However, I realized that, as much as that might be beneficial to me – it might start to concern some of you that either I am slipping slowly into a philosophic depression or perhaps I’ve become the Harbinger of Doom.

Barring the latter may have merit – I would like to now invite you to a blog filled with faeries and flowers, unicorns and rainbows.

(OK, perhaps I might find a middle ground, yeh?)

Instead, let me just say... I am thankful to all those people I call Friend. My friends have changed me, enhanced my life. My friends have taught me how to play guitar, made me laugh, helped me cry and given me pause.  My friends have participated in my most incredible memories – both real and surreal and been an important part of creating my history. My friends have made dreams come true.

For those friends both gone and present – thank you, for everything.