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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What the f$%*!
What do you mean summer's gone? Where the heck did it go?!?
Gawds - I can't believe its autumn already. Luckily, I love autumn, its really my favorite time of the year (next to winter in Colorado... and summer in California... and spring in Ireland).

Let's see - what have I been up to...
Well, I know I've been quite busy - which might have something to do with time being so fleeting these past 3 months.

There was the awesome little music festival in Colorado. Nothing like rockin' out at 10,361 feet above sea level :)
Then there was that wonderful little show at the Lake Harriet Bandshell where it seemed that almost everyone I know came out to picnic on the grass.
Of course, I can't forget the few hours I spent lounging around the MN Renaissance Fest with all my peeps drinking coffee with Baileys and Jeremiah Weed (now, thats what I call a breakfast drink!)
Then there was my weekend at Charlies where not only did I get to play music with Lorraine and Paul (frightfully fabulous) but I also got to spend the night with my old band Funks Grove V1.0 (includes Michael Matheny) and V2.0 (everyone else)! What a night!! I'm hoping to have some pix and audio for you soon and I'll post them here when I do.
I ran a marathon...ok...not the whole marathon but 6.2 miles of it. Next year I hope to do a half-marathon. Of course that would mean running more often than once every other month. Time will tell.
And over the weekend I participated in the autumn ritual of playing Pazzo at a renaissance festival here in the quad cities. It's not the MN Ren Fest by a long shot but it has heart and soul and a lot of gumption and these days I'm much better equipped to play the fool for one weekend rather than 7 in a row.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something...