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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Story of ‘No Scars, No Stories’

Chapter One:
When I started this project it was gong to be called, “Layin’ Down Roots”.  I had been trying to write a number of songs the last few years and many seemed to be dealing with my journey, my history, my future – and none of them were getting finished.

Then, one day my Ireland guitar fell over in it’s stand and broke… practically in half…at a show…in the middle of the first song.  

I was devastated.  I was beside myself.  I was a wreck.  

When I got home The Girlfriend and our friend, Kim, were there to console me.  I weeped and wailed and raged against the winds that blew – I would not be easily consoled.  Then Kim looked at my guitar and looked me and said, “Well, no scars, no stories.” 
[Short pause for stunned silence.]  And I knew she was right.

The guitar would be fixed and it would be stronger than before – though never quite the same.  And the scar that runs along the face of her headstock will be the reminder of that day (and to keep my guitar’s in their case when playing a windy show).