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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays from our home to yours.

Generally, I’m not much for the whole ‘Christmas’ thing - I’m really more about the season.

The season of giving, loving, hoping, sharing. Frankly, that kinda stuff could go on all year long and that’d be fine with me. So… here we are at the holidays. Those days when we’re courteous to other drivers, helpful at the checkout lanes, polite to strangers and more tolerant of everything and everyone. These are all good things—and we would do well as a society on whole if we all did a little more helping and a lot less hurting.

Recent events have caused me to pause and take stock of all I have to be thankful for...

I’m blessed with a loving family with whom I grow more and more close to each passing year. I'm blessed with a beautiful soul with whom I share my life. I’m blessed with a bounty of friends with whom I’ve shared my life in one way or the other. Friends new and old come in and out of my life in one way or another - some I see on a daily basis, some I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like, still others that I’m fortunate enough to see maybe every few years. And, then there’s those whom I’ll never see again - and they will truly be missed.

To all of you, my family & friends, I want to say, Thank You.
Thank You for sharing your life with me. Thank you for all the days we‘ve had and the days we’ve yet to share together and know that even when we’re apart - I think of you. I will always remember our times together and I will always carry you with me in my heart.

To everyone I wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday, a bright solstice and a joyous new year!

peace on everybody, Lojo

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Went to Florida for the Holidays and played a new bar called FLY.
... and, man, it was.

This place was gorgeous, cool, hip, well... fly?!
(And, you'd be surprised how many people aren't into eating leftover turkey on Friday.) The staff rocked and I had to by a t-shirt - - they glow in the dark! :)

I also caught up with some friends that I hadn't seen a a long while - it was good to see Liza and Misti again. I know Liza from way back at the MN Renaissance Festival. She's a fine performer in her own right and now she's happily married to one of Sarasota's best rock guitarists. Misti performs as a vocalist, floutist and whatever else trips her trigger in a very cool world band called Blue Muse Trio.

I also got to visit my good friend Mark Doran, another folk artist/artist friend from my MRF days. He's working on his 4th CD. When he's not creating beautiful folk music he's creating beautiful dreamcatchers, scented oils and my latest favorite, The Emergency Pagan Kit" complete with broom, crystal and hammer to break the glass :) His studio is called Wood, Willow and Whatnot.

With a little help from my friends I'll be back to Florida to play some northern music to some southern folks.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Ok the triptophan haze has finally wore off, the relatives are safely tucked back into their far-away homes and I'm ready to tell you about my trip to O--H? I--OO!!!
Oh did we have some fun in Ohio...

First stop Yellow Springs, OH
Gotta tell you that YS has got to be one of the coolest little towns there is. About 4 square blocks of; cafe, book store, imports, cafe, bookstore, artisan shop, cafe... you get the idea. And the focus of the night?
Peach's Bar & Grill!

Katie Reider was the headliner (yeah, she's cool like that) so I had plenty of time to ang out with the friendly folks of Ohio after my set.

The next night found me 200 miles away and in Cleveland.I had some time to kill so off to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Janis Joplin's porsche, Jimi Hendrix's Boy Scout uniform, Jonathan Edward's guitar, (you know, the guy who sang, "sunshine go away today, I don't feel much like laughing...") and of course, the piece that I actually drooled on... Jerry Garcia's guitars. Along with some wonderful footage, memorabilia and musical sensory overload it was well worth the $20 entrance fee. Though, I never did see Buddy Holly's glasses..?

That night was spent playing at my favorite house concert: Tirabassi Kin.
Lisa and Mina do a great job of getting out the word, bringing in the folks and hosting a very fine concert series. It's always a pleasure to play for these ladies and they know how to make a wandering minstrel feel right at home - thanks ladies!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Boo and i just got back from a whirlwind trip to O-H - - I-O!
And as soon as we get back from our whirlwind trip to Florida we'll tell you all about it!

But for today I'd just like to remember to give thanks to the winds of fortune that have allowed me to be doing the one thing I love to do - music!
I've met so many wonderful people over the miles and am grateful to everyone for the joy you've brought into my life and, hopefully, I've brought a little into yours.

This holiday has little to do with a legendary dinner and everything to do with all of us taking a moment to cherish the friends and family we have and to acknowledge the joy that each day promises.

Be hopeful. Be joyful. Be thankful.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First of all I would like to remind everyone to !!VOTE!! next Tuesday.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog...

Happy Samhain
Blessed All Soul's
Feliz Dia de los Muertos
Penny for the Guy!
Welcome to November!

Hope this time of change finds you well and in good spirits! (hee-hee)

My world has changed over the last 2 years and I find myself in a different kind of reality. Finding my own way in a new world much like the spirits that walked the earth for one night - finding their homes gone or changed, the familiar streets turned into highways, and the landscape ever changing.

What is usually a festive holiday for me filled with decorations, parties and costumes is replaced by a city that tells you what day and time Halloween will be celebrated. So, I found myself at a gig on the night the city designated for trick or treating.
...and all I got was this rock...

I did get to dress up one night - you know how I love to play dress up!
Threw on my best "old man" face and fright wig and headed out to the bar Saturday night with friends - most of whom were wearing plastic boobs.

I love that mask because it's so life-like so, I mill around the bar talking to strangers and friends and most haven't a clue who I am or find themselves looking away from the mask so they can talk to "Lojo" without talking to some old-fart-long-haired-hippie-freak.

Since I could look forward to a quiet night on Halloween (all our trick-or-treaters had come by the night before to an empty house - so they stole our pumpkins) I spent the holiday with a more retrospective approach.

I thought of those loved ones lost to me over the years whether through death or circumstance and remembered their smiles, laughter, grace and presence in my life.
It was good to remember. I miss you all.

Something/Someone ate my soul-cake.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Nothing like listening to a hammered dulcimer.
Especially when it's played with the care and artistry of my friend Carolyn Cruso.
We played the Redstone Room last Sunday and what a night!
There was funny, folky, earthy and jazzy all in one evening of guitar,
hammered dulcimer, flute and even a bit of djembe played by my new friend,
Michelle Dalziel.

It's been a few years since Carolyn and I shared a stage.
Luckily, I was able to snag a night with her between gigs while she was
touring thru Iowa. We played on each other's tunes the night of the show.
I'd forgotten how nice it was to jam on stage - thanks, Carolyn!
Maybe next time we'll see you in your neck of the woods...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Me. All up in the Ren Fest.
Just 2 weeks after playing with my old bandmates from Gallowglass out at the MN Renaissance Fest I tried my hand at the solo thing here at the Four Kingdoms Ren Fest where I got to take Pazzo/Potso to a whole new crowd.

It was like a performer's time machine...
There I was at the country's largest festival working with veteran performers surrounded by permanent 16th century styled structures and vendors from all over the country selling everything from custom made moccasin boots to housewares.
The next thing I know I'm playing along side Elemental Pixies amoungst heraldic draped tents selling custom fit LOTR elf ears.

And I gotta say - I had a really good time.
Being a +20yr veteran of the MN Ren Fest (not to mention having watched it grow from a small, themed craft fair to a veritable 100 acre wood) I went into this new fair (this is their second year) expecting a lot and was at first perplexed by its lack of structure. But, eventually I stopped trying to be a know-it-all, "I'm from the Shakopee show" bee-yotch and started enjoying being part of a new festival with all its bumps and bruises. I imagine this is how many fairs started and its kinda cool to be here at its beginnings. Good Luck to 4KRF!!

Now, back to MRF where I could not have had more fun seeing friends and "family" for the 2 short days I was in town. And what better chance to play music with my old band, Gallowglass. Ken, Michael and I have had opportunities to play together in the years since we stopped being a band but we haven't played out at festival, costumes and all, in a long time. Once we settled into our places in the Irish Cottage it didn't take long for us to find our groove.

It was great to see everyone and play music with Gallowglass and Bedlam and just enjoy myself in familiar territory with familiar faces. I miss you all!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

New York, New York,

I promised you some New York photos so here they are.
Suffice it to say we had a grand time and if you ever
get out that way I suggest stopping at the
St. Andrews Scottish Pub. Ask Sharon for a tumbler of the
Perthshire 17yr old single malt...it's heaven in a glass.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to St. Louis!
Welcome to Novak's Bar located in scenic St. Louis. This is your host Nancy and I will be your entertainment for the evening.
The last time I'd played this bar I walked into a small, smoky, hole in the wall. This time I found myself in a bright, airy, loft/warehouse style bar with brick and wood, a seperate game area and a patio to die for! (I can't wait to play the patio next summer). The transformation was incredible and kudos to Nancy and her gang for doing such a terrific job in turning Novaks into one of St. Louis' premier bars.
(pix of the beer-tenders to come...)

I played for about 2 hour hours to a great crowd. Then... something...happened... Suddenly, the lights went dark, the TVs went dark and lo-and-behold - - karaoke! Now I know this may sound weird coming from a live performer but the karaoke was A BLAST! Yes that's me singing Piece Of My Heart and our Karaoke master Krazy Bob playing air guitar - nice lead break KB!

and as promised... me & some of the gang down at Novak's; (L-R)
Haley, me, Susan, Kim (bartender #1) Linda, Rittle (bartender #2) and Erika.
Thanks for keeping us company ladies and to Kim & Rittle and all the ladies at the bar - thanks for making us feel right at home :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hell yeah! The gangs all here!
We had a great night at the Stadium Club here in Davenport.
3 hours of non-stop hooplah! Thanks to Mary and Chet for letting this little rocker knock the house down. This place has seen me rock but never with a guitar in my hands!

Hell yeah! The gangs all here!
We had a great night at the Stadium Club here in Davenport.
3 hours of non-stop hooplah! Thanks to Mary and Chet for letting this little rocker knock the house down. This place has seen me rock but never with a guitar in my hands!

Friday, August 18, 2006

well...hello my fine folk!

Seems that my message didn't get out last weekend about me & Boo being up nort'.
Well for those of you who weren't there - I'm very sorry you missed it - cuz there was lots of fun going on! Saturday night was stomping it up at Charlies with the Fabulous Lorraine and her hunka-hunka- burning leprechan, Paul. There was music! There was mayhem! We couldn't get enough of a good thing!

OK maybe I'd had enough...

Sunday found me back at Charlies all on my lonesome until a handsome dev'l arrived to save the day. Ok the day wasn't going so bad but, boy, did it get fired up after Adam showed up! I do love playing music with that man...::sigh::...

As for the mis-transmission of the gig info.
I have aquired the talents of my good friend Carl to assist me in putting to right all that was wrong with my former web admin. This includes a new e-list which many of you may have already noticed. I'm quite confident that there will be no future omissions of sent messages and that you all will remain well-informed of my where-abouts as long as I remember to tell you where they might be at any particular moment...(presuming I've a clue of said location in the first place...)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Colorado - the Finishing Touches

Thursday found us with some time on our hands so we went looking for the great outdoors - and found it in the Poudre Canyon (pronounced: pooder - yeah. i know.) Picniced by the river and just drove up and down the canyon - gorgeous!

Friday went back to Boulder (as I am want to do) and spent the day doing absolutely -nothing! we ate, drank more marguaritas and walked up and down Pearl St. Though I noticed times have changed for the hippie/trustafarian element of Boulder. Gone are the Funky Monkey and Penny Lane Coffeehouse - 2 favorite gathering spots for those of us who gather. Alas, you are missed.

That night back to Longmont and Acoustic Avenue a wonderful house concert at the home of Dale & Bruce (and their very cute son, Nick). They really know how to make a traveling performer feel right at home. Green Room, private bed & bath and the "stage" is amazing - with spot lights, stage dressing, the works!

And last but certainly not least we ended this lovely tour in the breath-taking beauty of Alma, CO. The highest town in North America! This is the Festival In The Clouds and make no mistake that's exactly where you are. I've played this festival for the last 4 years (except 2005) and have loved every moment of it - from the place, to the people to the music it's all a crazy, fantastic time. Hello to Chip & Carolyn, Reg, Randy and all the wonderful folks I've met over the years. Even though I'd missed last year's festival they all remembered (and mourned the loss of) the Blue Hair!

We drove out thru the mountains that night with the sun setting behind us and Iowa many miles before us and thought what a wonderful place is Colorado.
Colorado - The First Days

Hello My Fine Folk,

Well, I finally figured out how to get the pictures out of my new camera (dang, that film is really tiny inside those SDcards...)
and now I can share with you all my recent Colorado tour.

This tour was a little different - I took my girlfriend along for the ride. Good News: I got to see Colorado during the day (usually spent looking for the next Nat'l Forest campsite) and in good company. Bad News: She had to sit thru the same show night after night. What a TROOPER!

It started out with a trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival and, of course, The Ded Bob Show. Man that Bob is one funny guy...

Sunday Night I played at the Spur Of the Moment for all the "festies" and we had a wicked good time. (I'd publish the pictures but this blog site has certain restrictions ;)

Next it was a couple of days hanging out with friends...on their deck...or at the pool...with marguaritas. Someone asked me if the marguaritas were good - I replied, "they were being enjoyed by a pool, overlooking downtown Denver, in Colorado - who cares?!"

My next show was in Ft. Collins - always a favorite stop on my tour. It started out with a radio interview at KRFC - always fun to hang out with the community radio crowd. Then off to Lucky Joe's Sidewalk Saloon. The crew is great and the walls are draped with Irish posters and banners including an autograpphed movie poster from Boondock Saints (which, if you haven't seen that movie it puts Snatch to shame).

This was also the first time I ever got to see Ft. Collins during the day.
I gotta say Olde Town Ft. Collins is a very cool town.

It's now Thursday and I'm playing Avogadro's. This is one of the premier music venues in Ft. Collins and I was excited to play there! I shared the stage with a couple of players from TCB, Tiffany & Hillary - I highly suggest seeking this band out http://tiffanychristopher.com.

Some shots from Avo's - yeah we had a good time...

to be continued...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You would not believe the weekend I had!

It started Friday with everyone telling me to "DRINK WATER - LOTS OF WATER!" And with good reason... For on Saturday morning I (Lojo, not Mr. Boo) entered the Bix 7 - a 7 mile foot race that takes place here in the Quad Cities as part of our annual "Bix Biederbecke" weekend celebration.

This race draws professional runners from all over the world (as can be evidenced by the top male and female runners, both of whom are Kenyan) as well as would-be hot-footers such as myself.

Now I wasn't going for any land speed records but I was only slightly off my expected time.
If you're curious just go to http://bix7.com and check out my results.

My glorious finish was followed up with an ill-conceived camping weekend that left the lot of us wondering what the hell we were thinking to sit outside in 100 degree weather and bake our brains out while drinking Captain & Cokes and Coronas. Ah well, anything for the weekend...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OK. So, I'm a little behind in updating my posts.
Suffice it to say there will be several postings
in the next couple of weeks that will get us all
up to date.

Today I want to tell you about a personal victory.
A couple of weeks ago I ran my first foot race!
That's right, me. The girl who gets a stitch in her
side just running for the phone.
I participated in a local event called the Moonlight Chase.
It was a four-mile race through the town of Eldridge, IA.
Since this is an evening event the course was strewn with
lanterns, luminaries and lots of folks coming out to cheer
the runners on - sometimes in costume!
Anyhoo, I did it. I completed the race with enough energy
to sprint across the finish line with a group of friends
cheering me on - yeah team me!
I made it in 41 min 25 sec. Can you dig it?
If you don't beleive me go to http://www.moonlightchase.com

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello My Fine Folk!

Well, Boo and I are looking forward to a festive summer!
Gigs, festivals, markets, wineries and tours are all on
the summer menu!

Recently I had the opportunity to play the Redstone Room
here in Davenport, IA. The Redstone Room is the premier
listening room here in the Quad Cities with state-of-the-art
lighting and sound. They even poject your live image on the
wall so that no one misses a moment of the show just because
some gal with big hair sat down in front of you.

I gotta say, though, my next exciting moment will be participating
in the Bix 7 Run [http://bix7.com]. This is a big-time annual event
held here in the QC in honor of a native son, Bix Beiderbecke
- a famous jazz trumpeter from the 20's.
I will have the chance to play for participants in the weeks preceding
as they train for the race and then...
This is a big deal for a kid who couldn't run 7 blocks without
getting a stitch in her side. Wish me Luck!