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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tidings of comfort and Joy

Another year come and gone - and with it the memories of all my adventures, surprises, sorrows, and joys which I share with you here.

First, I'd like to give you a free song to mark the solstice and the new year
Please enjoy!  Fiona's Ocean

Now, on to my stories...

ADVENTURES: The Celtic Roots band, Hounds of Finn, has been a wonderful adventure over the last 2 years – festivals, road trips, touring in Ireland and playing the happiest, saddest music in the world with two wonderful and talented musicians, Michelle and Pete. After our last big show in September we decided to take a bit of a hiatus from the road and stage whilst the members follow some personal roads of their own. 

SURPRISES: My old band, Cats Laughing, has finally released its LIVE album and video, 'A Long Time Gone'.  The release has been fraught with obstacles but the finished product has been worth the wait.  The opportunity to play with my old (yes, we are, aren’t we…) band mates was incredible and to have this moment pressed in time is awesome!  CD and DVD will be available soon at fine online stores near you.  

SORROWS: The music community mourns the loss of some amazing artists in 2016; Prince, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Glenn Frey – just to name a few. On a personal note, I very recently and unexpectedly lost a dear friend and mentor,  Ellis Kell. He was the first to welcome me to the Quad Cities music scene and has been my advisor and advocate for the last 12 years. Ellis was a powerful voice and musical force in the QCA music scene both in his own career and in his stewardship of children’s music instruction and outreach.  His songs and spirit will be missed by many.

JOYS: We’ve been putting the finishing touches on a posthumous album for our friend, Michael Matheny.  It is one of those times when your heart twists on itself to do so but his music resonates with life and all of us who were fortunate enough to work with him have found the process of recording bittersweet and joyous in-so-far as we get to sing and play with our friend and brother once more.  I’ve heard some of the rough tracks – listening to how each of us put our heart and soul into the recordings - and look forward to the finished product.

And so, with the solstice we turn our lives towards the sun once more - bringing a renewal of light and warmth, one day at a time. Each day brings the chance to forgive the wrongs that were done to us and forgive ourselves for those we’ve committed. The new year is my chance, your chance to make amends, to strive to do better, be better, to face each challenge with strength, accept each gift with humility and, above all, let Love, Grace, Respect and Hope be our mantra.
I wish you all peace in your heart, success in your dreams, a smooth path to follow and a steady hand to guide you along the way. 

namaste. peace. 


Thursday, May 05, 2016

My Grandmother was Right

 I’ve gradually come to discover
            That my Grandmother was right
That the eyes of needles are shrinking
            And jar lids are screwed on too tight

That buttons are getting more slippery
            And everyone’s starting to mumble
That shoes are now made with uneven soles
            Causing me to stumble

That someone’s back-filling my calendar
            With appointments I never made
That dashboard lights are dimmer
            And road signs are starting to fade

That books are now being printed
            With blurry sorts of letters
That Climate Change must be the reason
            Why, in summer, I wear sweaters

That someone’s raised all my shelves
            Or perhaps they’ve lowered the floors?
That a suspicious baggie of rubber-bands
            Has appeared in my junk drawer

That a curse has been put upon doorways
            Wiping all thoughts from my head
That each night my mattress is magically transformed
            From feathers to rocks and lead

That my “New & Improved” shampoo
            Is bleaching the colour from my hair
That there’s a tricky sticky substance
            On the seat of every chair

That the world keeps changing these simple tasks
            From “I can” to “I cannot do”
I believe I’ve finally discovered
            What my Grandmother already knew.

My Grandmother Was Right - by Lojo Russo copyright March 15, 2016