Lojo's Proze & Mr Boo's Newz

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

(and now a few words from my sponsor...)
Oh the winter time is coming and the leaves are gently falling and the wild mountain thyme dies all around the purple heather...will ye go, lassie, go.

Darn right I will!!!

The older I get the less I'm crazy about this whole winter thing. Good thing I decided to move south. (OK, Iowa's not exactly tropical but it is warmer than Minnesota.)

So, the one thing I can do is make the autumn days last as long as I can.
This entails long drives along the Mighty Mississippi River watching the changing of the colourguard amoung the maples, oak, elm, filling the house with the smells of clove and nutmeg as we partake of the sweet flesh of fall squash and leaving the propane tank on the grill for as long as possible in the slightest chance that we may grill once more.

Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween comes to Davenport, IA when it darn well feels like it. I've yet to come to grips with a city that mandates the date of this holiday - this year it was Oct 30th, the one night I couldn't be home to pass out candy. But, lest you think me some Halloween Scrooge I made arrangements for the little tricksters that they might get a scary thrill and a sweetly treat.

The cobwebs were hung by the monster with care in hopes that a trick-or-treater soon would be there. I think mr. Boo looks quite good in my monster costume, don't you?