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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Story of ‘No Scars, No Stories’

Chapter Two:

So, here I was with a new idea, a new concept and a new direction for my writing.  That’s when the other shoe dropped.  

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that almost a year ago I lost a good friend.  I’m not going to review and rehash all that went down last summer (you are welcome to read about it in my archives)  but what I will say is the direction of my writing turned again.  What surprised me was the breadth of the writing – from empowering to imploding.  

When I stopped to think about the phrase “no scars, no stories” it was easy to imagine all the horrible things that can happen to someone that can leave a scar.  Then I remembered all the fun that Michael had together over the course of his life.  I remembered my time in Ireland and the joy I felt in finding the exact guitar with the exact sound.  

Scars are formed for many reasons.  Maybe you got your scar from doing something you love and landing on your ass.  Maybe you got your scar from living thru pain and coming out the other side in a better place.  The thing about scars is they are only there to serve as a bookmark, our own little piece of living history.
It’s when we have the faith and the humility to share our stories that our scars heal.