Lojo's Proze & Mr Boo's Newz

Friday, June 12, 2009

ok. so I'm really horrible about staying current on my blog site - aren't i.
my apologies.
i plan on updating my phone soon - and that might help - or it may ruin my life cuz i'll be addicted to twitting or something.

How's it been with me? Good, actually. I've been busy with tours and shows and creating new music and summer and trying to make my lawn green and do we want a porch or a patio and does this blog make me look fat?

I've played some new venues and some old venues. Really enjoyed playing Cafe Carpe with Michelle Dalziel, Tricia Alexander and Deborah Green. I already know Michelle rocks but I gotta say, Tricia has one heck of a way with tunes and you can hear the Appalachian Mountains coming from Deborah's soul. Bill & Kitty are good folk and if you ever find yourself in Ft Atkinson WI you should get down to the Cafe Carpe for a little microbrew and a great show. (Just saw Kris Delmhorst their and her old band, Red Bird, just happened to stop by for a couple of tunes - yeah!!)

Down to Missouri to do some shows new and old and make friends new and old. Thursday I played with Doug E Rees at Stooges. I'd met Doug only once before at the Folk Alliance but I hadn't heard him play. Wow! What a great night of music and catfish! Then it was a couple of shows with Jefferson Fox - I'd never met Jefferson before but we clicked instantly and spent 2 nights jamming our way thru Tennessee and Missouri. Here's a link to a video - that's Jefferson on the harmonica. After a nice tour thru the wine country (yes, there is a wine country in SEMO/SWIL) I settled in for a nice little house concert at Larry & Jean Underberg's.

Up to Ohio. Got to spend some quality time with the Tirabassi-Kin ladies. Saturday was the house concert and a good time was had by all. Sunday morning we made breakfast then went to the Hessler Street Fair. It was old school hippie festival with home-made art, hemp cookies, children playing in the Enchanted Forest and a reggae band keeping everyone's toes tapping.

There's been other memorable shows, places, people - but, I seem to have reached my typing limit. I'll do my best to get back here again before too long...