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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kitties and Doggies

So, that happened.

Over the last (too many to count) years I've been doing the solo thing.  I enjoy performing and being a solo act gives me leeway to recreate myself and my music as I go - no rigid set lists, no keeping to an particular arrangement. My music, my way.

But Solo Life on the stage can also be lonely. Having the odd friend come up and jam with me here and there is a lot of fun but not the same as playing in a band.  The camaraderie,  banter and just plain sharing a moment with people you love and trust can't be replicated with a few short "jams".

I never thought I'd hear the line, "So, I'm thinking about getting the old band back together". But I did.
At about the same time I was approached by some acquaintances about joining their band. And I did.

And I am profoundly changed for the asking.

Over the course of the next 4 months I put a several thousand miles on the gig-mobile going back and forth to Minnesota to rehearse, record and perform with 2 bands - one old, one new.

The "OLD"
Cats Laughing was a lot of fun back in the late 80's early 90's. And if we'd had the wherewithal to have followed thru we might have been playing a very different show this past Easter weekend.  As it was, it was 4 friends - a wee bit older and maybe a tad wiser for the intervening years who sang, laughed, cajoled, rehearsed, reminisced and ultimately played the show of our life. 

I don't know how we looked or sounded from the floor but up on that stage it was like we'd never stopped playing together.  We hit the grooves (if not the actual notes), rode the vibes and smiled, smiled, smiled till our lips hurt.

I'd do that again...and again...and again...

The "NEW"
Hounds of Finn has been around the Twin Cities Celtic music scene for a few years but at the end of 2014 went thru a changing of the guard - which left them without a guitar player.  I said I'd try out for the band and couldn't have been happier for the choice - mine and theirs.

It's been years since I've been in a Celtic-style band and I having the opportunity to play Celtic music with a band is so much more rewarding than playing solo.  Fiddle and mandolin and guitar - rich, full, weaving notes and harmonies - as it should be.

Good people, good music and I'm enjoying the feck out of myself!