Lojo's Proze & Mr Boo's Newz

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First order of business is to wish every one a Happy New Year and hoping that your holiday was brilliant. I'm told that Lojo had a great time spending her yuletide in Florida. I wouldn't know since she drove out of Iowa and left something very important behind...namely, ME! Not that I wanted to go to Florida - it's not good for my complexion - but it would've been nice to be asked.

Well, here's herself to tell you all the groovy stuff she did, etc. I'm out.
Sincerely, Mr. Boo

...pardon me but I'm still digesting 2007.

Thank you, Mr. Boo and Happy New Year everyone!
Was yours as surreal as mine?
Nothing will bring you crashing down to earth quicker than sitting by a pool in sunny Florida Saturday morning and shoveling snow in snowy Iowa that same night.
Be that as it may I wish all of you a joyous new year and hopes for all your dreams come true.

I'm not going to sit here and review the entire year but I noticed a couple of glaring omissions that I'd like to put to right:

I attended 2 reunions in 2007.

The first was my high school reunion. I'm a little touchy about telling you the number of years since that glorious graduation day but suffice it to say... it's been a few. Regardless, what made the moment for me was sitting around the patio at Karen's house with the people that I grew up with - literally. We spent a few hours before the official reunion catching up, laughing and going thru Debra's amazing archives of all of our school days. Many of us have known each other since grade school and some of these folks I hadn't seen since graduation or longer.
Thank you ladies, it was a magnificent day!

Welcome to the first ever Russo Family Reunion.
This is my family. Most of whom I didn't know before this picture was taken.
It was held in Easley, South Carolina at my cousin Joanne's house. That's me in the bottom right corner with my brother Joe, father Joe and his wife Mary Ann. And, no there weren't as many Joe's as there were Anthony's and Carmine's.
We sang, we ate, we laughed, we ate and we sang some more. (I had no idea you could get an entire Karaoke machine filled with nothing but Sinatra and Dean Martin.) In the course of a weekend i learned that my entire family is just as crazy as I am. Good to know lunacy runs in the family.