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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hello All,

Especially when I have a chance to mix a little pleasure with business.
Me and the misses started out our first day and ended up in Wichita where I played an old favorite haunt of mine - Kirby's Beer Store. (and yes, it is a bar) Paul was still behind the bar pulling some of the finest drafts that KUW has to offer. And the free thinking clientel was as free as ever - good times.

Old town Wichita has come a long way since the last time I was there. I am sorry to report that John Barleycorn's is gone but I noticed the Artichoke is still doing business. We had some time to walk around town before the show and found this guy doing a bit of busking. He was kind of a one hit wonder.

I had a gig in Denver Friday night so we got up early and hauled butt to Colorado.
Friday night was a nice little show in a coffee/wine bar that also made great martini's. If you're ever over in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood you should stop by CapuVino. I particularly liked what I call "Kiwi Blanc" a nice little New Zealand white. Kevin, Chris and Gwen were great staff and the Nutello crepe was out of this world!

Saturday found us at my favorite festival - Festival in the Clouds, Alma.
There's always a great crowd of people, wonderful crafts, food and of course, music!
My favorite was Ribalsa - these guys took jam band to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, the rain drove us back to our hotel. The Hand Hotel was an original Old West hotel in South Park (yeah, that South Park) and was reported to be haunted.
Which meant we didn't get the best night's sleep. But we did have a beautiful drive through the mountains to our next destination.

Sunday we headed to Castle Rock/Larkspur and spent a few hours at the CO Renaissance Festival visiting with old friends and checking out the faire - I do love a good ren fest. That night was the Spur of the Moment and my old friend Peffa came up and joined me for a few tunes.

We spent Monday at the poolside of our friends Dighty, Michelle and there boy Brandon - soaking up the sun and the margueritas before heading back home to Iowa.

Home doesn't mean downtime, though - I've been busy, busy, busy and there's plenty more news a-comin' - - as soon as I have time to report it :)