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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to St. Louis!
Welcome to Novak's Bar located in scenic St. Louis. This is your host Nancy and I will be your entertainment for the evening.
The last time I'd played this bar I walked into a small, smoky, hole in the wall. This time I found myself in a bright, airy, loft/warehouse style bar with brick and wood, a seperate game area and a patio to die for! (I can't wait to play the patio next summer). The transformation was incredible and kudos to Nancy and her gang for doing such a terrific job in turning Novaks into one of St. Louis' premier bars.
(pix of the beer-tenders to come...)

I played for about 2 hour hours to a great crowd. Then... something...happened... Suddenly, the lights went dark, the TVs went dark and lo-and-behold - - karaoke! Now I know this may sound weird coming from a live performer but the karaoke was A BLAST! Yes that's me singing Piece Of My Heart and our Karaoke master Krazy Bob playing air guitar - nice lead break KB!

and as promised... me & some of the gang down at Novak's; (L-R)
Haley, me, Susan, Kim (bartender #1) Linda, Rittle (bartender #2) and Erika.
Thanks for keeping us company ladies and to Kim & Rittle and all the ladies at the bar - thanks for making us feel right at home :)


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Fabulous Lorraine said...

One of my secret fantasies is to Kareoke, how come nothing like that ever happens at my shows? Hee-hee, come back to us soon , Lojo, we miss you up North!