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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Me. All up in the Ren Fest.
Just 2 weeks after playing with my old bandmates from Gallowglass out at the MN Renaissance Fest I tried my hand at the solo thing here at the Four Kingdoms Ren Fest where I got to take Pazzo/Potso to a whole new crowd.

It was like a performer's time machine...
There I was at the country's largest festival working with veteran performers surrounded by permanent 16th century styled structures and vendors from all over the country selling everything from custom made moccasin boots to housewares.
The next thing I know I'm playing along side Elemental Pixies amoungst heraldic draped tents selling custom fit LOTR elf ears.

And I gotta say - I had a really good time.
Being a +20yr veteran of the MN Ren Fest (not to mention having watched it grow from a small, themed craft fair to a veritable 100 acre wood) I went into this new fair (this is their second year) expecting a lot and was at first perplexed by its lack of structure. But, eventually I stopped trying to be a know-it-all, "I'm from the Shakopee show" bee-yotch and started enjoying being part of a new festival with all its bumps and bruises. I imagine this is how many fairs started and its kinda cool to be here at its beginnings. Good Luck to 4KRF!!

Now, back to MRF where I could not have had more fun seeing friends and "family" for the 2 short days I was in town. And what better chance to play music with my old band, Gallowglass. Ken, Michael and I have had opportunities to play together in the years since we stopped being a band but we haven't played out at festival, costumes and all, in a long time. Once we settled into our places in the Irish Cottage it didn't take long for us to find our groove.

It was great to see everyone and play music with Gallowglass and Bedlam and just enjoy myself in familiar territory with familiar faces. I miss you all!!

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Laurel Krahn said...

Aw. We miss you too! I wish I could've made it out to Renfest to see you guys. I have a picture somewhere of you three in the irish cottage in about that same pose, from years and years ago. (When I used to go to Fest and mostly just follow Gallowglass around; and also see Morrigan, Bedlam, Flash Girls, whoever else was out there).