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Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello My Fine Folk,

A Wondrous, Joyful Holiday blessing to you all!

The snow is here, in spades if you will, and it’s like I’m back in Minnesota with all this mostly fluffy white stuff lying around. However, I know that time spent with my family will warm the winter’s chill from my bones. And I hope that the time you spend with friends, family and loved ones is filled with that warmth as well.

I can’t believe the NEW year is almost here – where the heck did 08 go anyway? I don’t have time right now to do a complete review of ‘Aught Eight’ but suffice it to say it rocked in sooooooo many ways!

To friends who share my laughter and tears
To family with whom I’ve shared all of my years
To loved ones with us and loved ones passed
To those whose grievances cannot last
To all of you who’ve touched my soul
To each of you who makes me whole
I thank you all and wish you Peace
Happy New Year & Merry Solstice!

(ooh it was so close to rhyming...)


FabulousLorraine said...

Right back at you, Sister! Wishing you a wonderful new year with, uh, MANY gigs in Minneapolis!

Beth Hansen-Buth said...

I hope your had a wonderful Solstice!

ariandalen said...

I hope you had a Blessed Solstice, and that the New Year finds you and yours healthy, happy and comfy!

Marjorie said...

And to you, too. Lovely thought, and expressed so much better than most!

Have a wonderful new year!

vampi said...

if you say solstice with a long eee sound it rhymes. creative license :)

i quite likes your greeting. have a very lovely visit with family, be safe, and a peaceful new year.

spacedlaw said...

Merry Happy to you, Lojo.

Lysandwr said...

Solstice Blessings to you and yours, Lojo. Years travel even faster and farther than folk can, but your true heart never changes.

Best of fortune to you in the coming year, and I also wish you many gigs in Minneapolis (for the joy of everyone there :) )

But if it looks like you might make it towards New Mexico...well..let me know!

I'll be there with bells on. Uh, literally.

Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

Hi Ms. Lojo, a visiting fiend from the Fabulous Lorraine's page -- I love the very much rhyming wishes for the holidays. (I am unable to rhyme. Seriously. It would take me all day to figure out what rhymes with "cat"!)The "whose grievances cannot last" line is exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you! -- grace,

Beez said...

A blessed return of the light to you too.

You make me laugh though- one blog entry about "where did summer go?" and the next one Solstice greetings.

Lojo and Mr. Boo said...

Hello Everyone! I hope your holiday was magic! Thanks for the comments!
(Ok, enough with the exclamation points.)

I know I'm not quite as regular with my blogs as my friend Fabulous Lorraine and some of you others but I hope you'll continue to visit. Obviously every 6-8 weeks should be sufficient ;p