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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You would not believe the weekend I had!

It started Friday with everyone telling me to "DRINK WATER - LOTS OF WATER!" And with good reason... For on Saturday morning I (Lojo, not Mr. Boo) entered the Bix 7 - a 7 mile foot race that takes place here in the Quad Cities as part of our annual "Bix Biederbecke" weekend celebration.

This race draws professional runners from all over the world (as can be evidenced by the top male and female runners, both of whom are Kenyan) as well as would-be hot-footers such as myself.

Now I wasn't going for any land speed records but I was only slightly off my expected time.
If you're curious just go to http://bix7.com and check out my results.

My glorious finish was followed up with an ill-conceived camping weekend that left the lot of us wondering what the hell we were thinking to sit outside in 100 degree weather and bake our brains out while drinking Captain & Cokes and Coronas. Ah well, anything for the weekend...

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