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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Introductions are in order...

It has come to my attention that, now that I’m back into blogging, some of you may not be familiar with my traveling companion, Mr. Boo. 
Seen here as my profile picture -->

Mr. Boo, the Fine Folk. Fine Folk, Mr.Boo.
Now, that the introductions are out of the way how about a little history. 

Mr. Boo and I have been together since – jeez, it’s been so long I don’t even remember how long it’s been.  Suffice it to say – years.

I found Boo while in Madison, Wisconsin with the Fabulous Lorraine. If memory serves we were performing at a SFF convention.  Either I was being a ‘stunt’ Emma for her band “Flash Girls” or FL and I were performing as Moggenaugh (more on that another time) or perhaps it was both.

While on a walk-about Fabulous Lorraine and I stopped into a local retro-candy shop for a little sweet something and there against the front wall was(were?) bins of beanie-babies.  Blech, right?  However, in one of those bins was Mr. Boo.  Well, actually there were a couple dozen Boos - we looked at each other, squealed with gothic delight (is that an oxymoron?) and each bought one.

I named mine, Mr. Boo and immediately placed him on the dashboard of my vehicle.  He’s been there ever since.  Boo has lasted through 4 vehicles and countless thousands of miles and celebrate at the crossing of each state line.  Boo always faces forward - watching the road ahead to make sure the way is clear - always forward.  He listens to me when I’m creating new songs, arguing with the radio, swearing at traffic and mostly, he gives me a little company on those long road trips between gigs and home.  Occasionally, I even talk to Mr. Boo - but with one very important rule – that he never talk back.

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