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Monday, November 05, 2012

Hurricane Tour 2012 - Day 1

It’s been a while since I’ve been East.  I hadn’t realized just how long until I visited my friend Suzanna and we did the math.  There were friends and shows that I wanted to get back to and an autumn tour seemed like a good idea... at the time.  But I digress.  Mr. Boo? Why don’t you start us off at the beginning.

Day 1 - Oct 27:
Go East young woman!  At least that was the direction we headed last Thursday.  We were looking forward to crossing some state lines that had not been seen for almost 10 years.  Not that I mind staying within our quaint Quad state area but when one’s entire existence is based on the celebration of crossing a state line one does hope for something more than; “Woo-hoo, Illinois!”, “Woo-hoo, Iowa!”, “Woo-hoo, Illinois!”, “Woo-hoo, Iowa!”, “Woo-hoo, Minnesota!”, “Woo-hoo, Iowa!” (ad infinitum)  …you get the picture.  So, it was with great anticipation when, after a few miles, we finally celebrated, “Woo-hoo, we’re in Ohio”!

Columbus was our first stop – a great new place called Natalie’s  that’s making some fine pizza and some great music. The stage was shared with Phillip Fox (OH) and Don ‘Doop’ Duprie (MI) - great guys, fabulous songwriters and talented musicians.  Did I mention how good the food was? Thank You Columbus, good night!

To be continued...

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