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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hurricane Tour 2012 - The rest of the story.

Oct 28-31:
“Sandy” be damned.  Her winds did blow and her rains did flow – yet not a drop did break our spirit.  Of course, I am hypothesizing since I was stuck outside in a freezing wet car while Herself was safe, dry and cozy inside the house.  Humph.
On Tuesday the morning broke and so did the storm.  My original plan had me and Boo ‘woo-hooing’ the New Jersey state line that day to spend time with my friend Eric and his wife and girls – unfortunately, that plan had to be scrapped - I will assume you’ve seen the news reports.  

It is said that house guests are like fish – after 3 days they start to smell. Not wanting to overstay our overstayed welcome we bid our MD friends adieu and headed inland to Virginia – “Woo-Hoo!”. 
Where I was greeted by my friends Star & Pooch with a “Sandy” – which was Pooch’s version of a Hurricane made with Sandemans Port instead of simple sugar.  Yeah, baby!
On Wednesday we had a Halloween House Concert and let’s just say it got a little crazy… ok, a lot crazy. At one point I was playing Pink Floyd’s ‘Brain Damage’ and the freak flag went flying!! Literally!

Nov 1-3:
Wave goodbye to your friends now, off to the airport to pick up The Girlfriend.  The 3 of us were to drive to DC to meet up with some college friends (The Girlfriend's, herself never went to college) for the weekend.  Does one “woo-hoo” the District of Columbia? 
It was a simple weekend filled with simple pleasures. Watching the traditional High Heel Drag Race, visiting the Mall (you know – the one with the monuments), eating exotic foods without leaving the house and mostly enjoying the company of old friends. Simple.

Nov 4
A brief visit with relatives in Virginia to fortify ourselves for the trip home. It was a lovely brunch with lovely friends. Then Herself and The Girlfriend got back in the car for the long ride home. Taking a more northerly route home we saw some of the side effects of the hurricane – snow.  An overnight in Toledo ('nuff said) and we were home.

All together now...
“Woo-Hoo, we’re in Iowa!”

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