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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pins and needles…

Pins and needles would be a blessing compared to what I’m sitting on waiting for the final bits and bobs of this album to be completed.

Last week my engineer dropped off the mixes to Doug who will “master” the album.  Doug is the best in the business - his job is to… well, I’m not really sure of all he does but I do know that the album sounds even better when he’s done.  Last Friday I met with the art director to go over the last minute additions and revisions to the album design and layout. Then, yesterday I spoke with the t-shirt guy to discuss shirt brands and printing methods.  The copyright has been secured for those songs that I wrote and today I will obtain licenses for the ones I did not write. Later this week I will also order the other sundry items that were promised to my contributors. 

Then on Thursday – if all goes according to plans (wait… I had a plan?!) I will pick up the “Master” copy from Doug, get the final artwork from Jennell and send it all off to the manufacturer for duplication. Gulp.

You have all been very patient and I very much appreciate it.  Good intentions and all I thought you’d have your album by now – and I apologize that you do not.  However, I’m not sorry that I and my production team have put in as much time and energy as we have for this album because the end product is going to be so much better than I could’ve imagined.

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