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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Magic happens

A garden party with friends gathered on a beautiful late summer evening.  Tamara was our hostess transforming her backyard to a wonderland of food, drink, glowing lights, bright baubles and butterflies.  (Don’t ask me how she got the butterflies – just part of the magic, I guess.)  

One could almost see the energy that flowed through and around us.  It was created by our easy laughter, memories shared and relived, thoughtful embraces, small outbursts of surprise and joyful recognition and quiet reminiscences of those who were not present.  

A simple lamp was my spotlight.  And within its small circle of light all was illuminated - all the emotion, energy, love and friendship that stood within the borders of that yard.  

The music was playful, inspired, solemn, enthusiastic and flowed easily.  It came from my heart and flowed into the hearts of those around me.  In that connection I could feel everyone being a part of the music.  

The end of the evening found us gathered in a smaller circle of candlelight – an intimate setting for more intimate music as we all moved closer together to create a quiet, enchanted space for the music.  Joined by Ray on guitar, Eric on mandolin, Dayna lending her beautiful voice and everyone joining in on choruses we were all part of the spell that was cast by the music.

On nights like this the music is more than just notes and sounds and words – it’s magic.

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